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Volunteer Process

For an individual:

It generally takes three to four weeks to complete the required steps.

Step 1:  Complete Online Application

Step 2:  Complete Background Check (email link will be sent to you)

Step 3:  Watch Volunteer Orientation Video and Acknowledge reading Volunteer Handbook

Step 4:  Wait until you hear from the Director of Community Engagement before your volunteer placement

Submitting an application does not guarantee volunteer placement.


For Groups

It generally takes three weeks to complete the required steps

Step 1:  Complete the Group Application

Step 2:  Conversation with Club Director and/or Director of Community Engagement

Step 3:  Acknowledge Group Volunteer Placement policies and watch Group Volunteer Placement video

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Louisiana Administrative Office
8281 Goodwood Blvd, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70806-7742
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Louisiana Oscar J. Tolmas Regional Service Center
320 N Carrollton Ave., Suite 102
New Orleans, LA 70119