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Family Financial Assistance Program

The pandemic and now Hurricane Ida have created tougher and more complex situations for our Club families.  We also know that families' economic hardship and financial distress can have devastating effects on children in the household.  That's why we have established the Boys & Girls Clubs Family Financial Assistance Program to support our families through our partnership with Capital Area United Way. 

The Family Financial Assistance Program is designed to assist Club members and their families impacted by COVID 19 and Hurricane Ida.  All applicants must have a child(ren) currently enrolled and participating in the Club’s programs in East Baton Rouge Parish.  All applicants must meet income and asset eligibility criteria and must have experienced a hardship due to COVID-19 or Hurricane Ida.  Maximum assistance per family is $500.

Family Financial Assistance Program is available to assist with the following:

  • Rent Assistance
  • Utility Assistance (electric bills and gas bills only)
  • Food Assistance
  • Medical Expense Assistance

Please follow the following steps in the application process.

  1. Complete the Online application.
  2. Provide mailing address in application.  Funds will be by mail distributed by 11/30/21.

Contact Information

Which program or program site does your child attend

Requested Amount


In signing this consent form, I further authorize the provider of this program to disclose information about my application and program recipient status to program funders, as deemed necessary, to comply with grant requirements. I understand that my authorization will remain effective from the date of my signature through the duration of my participation in the program, and that the information will be handled confidentially in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. I understand that I may revoke the authorization at any time by written and dated communication.

I have read and understand by signing below, I certify that I am giving permission for the provider to obtain or share information for emergency rent and utility assistance.

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